When all the relevant points gauges on your Eco Survey turn bronze, silver or gold then it’s time to apply for your Eco Church Award!

Remember, in order to qualify for an Award you must attain the required standard in each of the areas covered by the Eco Survey that apply to your church (we recognise that some churches do not have buildings or land).

Bronze and Silver Awards

If you wish to apply for either a Bronze or a Silver Eco Church Award, please download the Award Application Form and complete the necessary details. You will need to give your church leader sight of the Eco Survey responses entered on behalf of your church and then ask them to sign the form by way of declaring those responses to be accurate. You should then return the completed form, along with the payment for your Eco Church Award plaque, if you choose to order one, to the address below. Once we have received your application we will contact you to confirm your Award and then dispatch your certificate (and plaque, if you ordered one).

Gold Awards

The procedure for applying for Gold Awards is the same as that outlined above for Bronze and Silver Award applications. However, in the case of Gold Awards on receipt of your completed Award Application Form we will contact you to make arrangements for an Eco Church Assessor to visit your church to see and hear themselves of all that you’ve been doing to care for God’s earth. They will then make a recommendation regarding the granting of the Eco Church Gold Award, and we will inform you of their decision.

Bronze and Silver award applications typically take 3 weeks to process. Gold applications can take longer due to the need to incorporate a church visit.

Completed Award Application Forms should be posted to:

Eco Church
A Rocha UK
18-19 Avenue Road

If you have any questions about the Eco Church Award application process please contact us.