Celebrating Creationtide at Christ Church West Wimbledon (Silver Eco Church)

(Creationtide Display Board 1)

Creationtide is celebrated at Christ Church West Wimbledon with an annual display of pictures and artefacts in the church. Members of the congregation contribute photographs, paintings and other artworks and objects they have found or made relating to Creation. These are displayed with Bible verses about Creation Care on boards hung around the church. The backgrounds on the display boards were painted by the Sunday morning children’s groups. Everyone is invited to contribute and a wide range of people join in.

(Creationtide Display Board 1

Most years, we also have an art installation, inviting further contribution and commentary on environmental themes as we think about these during Creationtide. Last year we had a water-themed installation, and the congregation were invited to write a prayer and make an origami prayer boat in support of the Young Christian Climate Network ‘Rise To The Moment’ campaign and Relay to COP26. This year we have a Prayer Tree – everyone is invited to write a prayer on a paper leaf celebrating creation or about the environment, climate change, biodiversity, pollution or whatever is on their heart and then to hang the leaf on the tree.

  • Prayer Boat Installation for ‘Rise to the Moment’ Campaign and YCCN Relay to COP26

We have special Sunday services relating to caring for God’s Creation at Harvest and usually at the start of Creationtide as well. In 2021 we took part in National Climate Sunday, holding a service on 5th September, and we also celebrated developments in our church garden with an outdoor service and dedication. This was followed by cake and activities for all – including creating a tree artwork with handprints from all ages, with the words ‘We’re part of God’s big family caring for His Creation’.

  • ‘We’re part of God’s big family caring for His Creation’


In our first year of working towards our Eco Church Award, we had a stall during the Harvest service and invited the congregation to write their ‘green’ tips on sticky notes. Later we created a leaflet based on these. We also held a vote for adults and children in the congregation to choose which of two Christian environmental projects we would support in prayer as a congregation. A Rocha Kenya was chosen, and we’re in regular contact with them and pray for their work.

The Creationtide display and services have become part of our church calendar. It’s lovely to see members of the congregation looking at the pictures on the boards and appreciating each other’s contributions. Celebrating Creationtide is one of the ways that we’ve learned as a church that a fundamental part of our Christian faith is to be good stewards of the Earth and to love our global neighbours as ourselves.

Thank you to Lucy Christie from Christ Church West Wimbledon for writing this piece and sharing her photos.