Frequently Asked Questions

Eco Church App Sign Up Tutorial

Our hope is that the new Eco Church platform is as easy to navigate as before, however, we would strongly encourage you to watch the short video below of completing the process of registering as an individual and linking to a church.



The Eco Church platform is changing, why?

We’re genuinely victims of Eco Church’s success and the demand of users for additional functionality. Hence we are investing heavily in this new ‘online app’ version to help our small team and those registered to the Eco Church scheme to  better utilise this valuable tool and improve our care for God’s creation. Please note: Eco Church remains online and is NOT a downloadable app.

What is the process for the user to ‘do’ Eco Church from scratch?

Please follow these three steps:

  1. Register as a user (or re-register if you’d previously used the previous version)
  2. Identify your church on the google map and confirm address details etc
  3. Start a new survey (and compete this in your own time)


Is there help available?

Our intent is that the new Eco Church app is as easy to navigate as before. However, we would strongly encourage you to watch the short video above which explains the process of registering as an individual and registering a new or linking to an existing (pre-registered) church.

Please note that FAQs are available on this page and always from your dashboard. If none of these FAQs meet your needs, please complete the ‘contact form’ at the bottom of this page.

I have looked through the FAQs and have another question, how do I ask it?

There is a contact form which can be completed at the end of this page of FAQs.


I want to join the Eco Church scheme, where do I start?

We are thrilled you’re thinking about joining our Eco Church scheme. Watch the above video to get you started on your journey.

I’m having problems logging in to the Eco Church website, what do I do?

Have you registered on the new App? Everyone will need to re-register even if they have been using the Eco Church website for years. Re-registration will also allow multiple people to work on one church. Watch the short video above on how to register as an individual and find (or register) your church.

Do I have to register if I was previously registered on earlier version of Eco Church?

Yes, everyone will need to re-register  in order to use the new Eco Church online app. Watch the video above on how to register as an individual and find (or register) your church.

How do I update my address details, communications preferences or email address?

Click on your name at the top of any screen and select ‘Profile’ from the menu. In Profile you can update your details and communication preferences. However you cannot change your email address as it is a key field. If you need to change your email you will need to register yourself again with the new email and email to request us to delete your previous user registration, providing us with your old email and name.

Who will see my name after I register on Eco Church?

Your name will only be seen by other members of your church eco team who also register, systems admin staff at A Rocha UK and denominational staff at regional level. If you are uncomfortable with even that limited access, you could use a modified version of your name eg DavidM which could be understandable to your church team but not to others.


Will I have to re-register my church if my church is already an Eco Church?

The majority (98+%) of churches have been transferred electronically to the new online app and you will see them listed and shown on the searchable map. If you are one of the few churches not transferred from the old platform, we apologise and ask you kindly to re-register as there was a good reason we were not able to do this transfer electronically. Before re-registering your church PLEASE check very carefully on the list of churches on the interactive map that your church is not already there.

We have more than one address for our church, which address do you want?

We are seeking the postal address of the church rather than its physical location. This may be the church office, the manse or vicarage, or the church itself if that is where post is delivered.

My church is registered but I am having trouble locating my church to join it, what can I do?

If your church has already registered for Eco Church in the past and your church name does not come up in the search criteria – try selecting a nearby place (say within 500 metres) to see if your church then appears in the box below. You can then select it. Please look carefully so as to avoid creating duplicate churches.

Our church’s Eco Church representative is changing, what do we do?

You can have several people linked to your church within the online app including the old rep and the new one. If you do not want the old one on the team (e.g. they have left the church) then ask them to remove their link to the church. If this is not possible  (e.g. the person is no longer contactable) then please email and we will remove them for you.

How do I remove myself from a church?

You go into your profile (click on your name at the top of the screen and select ‘Profile’) and you will see your church listed. Click on the button (like a no entry sign in black) to the left of the church name. There will be a warning to check that you mean to leave and if you click on OK you will be removed from the church.

If I detach myself from a church’s eco team will it continue to exist and the survey still be there?

Your name will disappear from the Team Members listed for that church. The church and the survey are separate entities from the individual and will remain on the system.

Can I belong to more than one church?

Yes. This is designed to let an ‘Eco Champion’ / Green Champion’ handle multiple churches in a group of churches or benefice. It can also be used for regional staff to assist churches who are struggling to complete the survey. Other than for those reasons we would not encourage people to belong to more than one church.

If I move churches but I want to keep an eye on how my old is progressing with eco church – is that okay?

You would need the approval of your old church to do that. Please ask their permission to remain part of the team.


How do I save my survey?

It is saved automatically every time you make an entry so there is no need to save it at any time?

Can I get a copy of my survey emailed to me?

We are encouraging people to interact online and dynamically with the survey and there is no facility to email it.

What does it mean to archive a survey?

This means that you do not want to ever see it again, think of it as delete.

Will my previous surveys be there?

Yes c.95% of cases the surveys will be there and still editable. If that is not the case you will need to redo your survey. Remember that when you finished the survey on the old system you will have been sent an email with the survey responses on. You can use this to re-input the answers.

Can I complete a survey I started on the old platform?

Yes, it should be findable and editable unless you are one of the few surveys that did not make it to the new online app. If that is not the case you will need to redo your survey. When you finished the survey on the old system you will have been sent an email with the survey response on. You can use this to re-input the answers.

How do I invite others to view my church’s survey?

Ask them to register as a user on the Eco Church app and then to find the church and join the team. Then they will be able to read and edit the survey. You will be able to see who has entered responses on the survey, when it was last edited and by whom.

Can I download or print the survey?

A blank version of the survey can be downloaded from here.

Can several churches share the same survey?

While we recognise the need for multiple churches to share the same survey, at the current moment we are unable to do this. They will be treated as one church.

Can I use a survey that I previously submitted for an award as the basis for my next award?

No once your survey is submitted for an award it is frozen so that there is always evidence of what you achieved at that stage. You can look at it for reference but we ask all churches to review all the questions again from scratch to make sure they are still keeping up the standards reported at the time of the previous award.

If you previously completed an ‘award winning’ survey on the old platform, this will have been transferred to the new app and will still be editable. However, going forward, once a survey is completed and submitted for an award in the new app, it is then frozen. You can still view it but won’t be able to edit it.


Do I need to have answered all the questions on the survey before I submit it?

Yes, we do want to know that you have answered all the questions as even those things that you cannot do or may not be relevant today as considering these questions might give you ideas of what you could work towards in the future.

What do I do when I’ve completed the survey? How do I submit it?

When you have completed the survey and reached an award level the online app will offer you a button to submit an award application. Click this button and complete the questions about church leader, EC award plaque, and gift to Eco Church.

The online app will send an email to your church leader to confirm that the survey is a fair reflection of your church. They will need to do this before the award can proceed further.

After this A Rocha UK will review your survey, confirm the award and send an email to congratulate you and will presently send a certificate. Please note at busy times there can be a significant delay in this happening.

You (or your church) will need to send money for a plaque and any donation to keep Eco Church functioning. When this is received A Rocha UK will send out a plaque.

I am in the process of applying for an award with the paper form offered previously, can I still use it?

Please submit your survey electronically as described above, however, if you have already sent us a paper form we will process it. Thank you for doing it electronically, this will help us as we don’t want to run two processes for longer than necessary.

I’ve answered all the questions but the apply for an award button is not appearing.  

For surveys transferred from the old EC platform, each category must have a question edited afresh even though it appears that all of the questions have been answered.  This will trigger the ‘category complete’ box which must appear in each category before the Apply for an Award button appears. When you see this then you will be able to submit that survey for an award.


What are the points thresholds for awards?

The point thresholds are 25% of points for bronze, 50% for silver and 75% for gold

How do I know how close my church is to an award?

We want people to interact with the survey and test “what if” scenarios by changing the responses that they can – in real time – see the impact that making a particular change achieves. That enables you to share meaningful information about the changes that would make a difference. Rather than saying we need 10 more points, you can then say – “if we switched to…” and quote a specific action.

How can I download my survey?

There is no facility to download the survey as we hope that people will engage online and other church members can view it there.

Is Eco Church operating in Scotland and Ireland?

Eco Church is a scheme for churches in England and Wales. There is an Eco Congregation scheme running in Scotland and Northern Ireland and we’d encourage you to look at this if your church is located in this part of the UK. You are welcome though to try out the Eco Church survey for ideas to help care for God’s creation.

I’m a church outside the UK can I be part of this great initiative?

If you are a Church of England church in the Diocese in Europe then you can indeed. Otherwise we are sorry but this scheme doesn’t currently cover your country.

What is the process for registering as an Eco Diocese, Eco Synod, Eco Circuit etc.?

This remains as described on the website here.

IF YOU STILL DO NOT HAVE AN ANSWER CLICK HERE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO A CONTACT FORM TO EMAIL THE A ROCHA UK HELPLINE . They will endeavour to handle your question in a few days, although in busy times it will take longer.