Harvest at St Michael and All Angels, Ravenstone (Bronze Eco Church)

All photos were taken in the autumn around the harvest festival by Becca Riley

We had a wonderful harvest festival during October last year in our church. Our local farmer

from the village kindly agreed to come to along church to address the congregation. We hosted

a question-and-answer session with him during the service. He was able to describe and help those present to understand more about his farm – a mixed farm, growing crops and managing livestock. He talked about challenges faced by farmers, particularly the weather, and he shared things that help local farmers, for example, villagers being tolerant of tractors moving around the village. Non-perishable foods were gathered from our congregation and the wider community and donated to the local food bank.

Thank you to Becca Riley, Eco Church Lead and member of church PCC at St Michael and All Angels Church, for writing this piece and providing photos.