Henllan Warm Space, St Sadwrn’s Church, Wales’ second Gold Eco Church

A Rocha UK is delighted to celebrate St Sadwrn’s Church in Henllan, Denbighshire, as the second church in Wales to achieve a Gold Eco Church Award. 

Their Warm Space project, in particular, has garnered significant media attention; addressing food waste from local supermarkets and combatting community isolation, this initiative has become integral to the community.

Be inspired by the impact this project is having in the local community by watching a short video on the Henllan Warm Space:


The dedicated team at St Sadwrn’s Church has diligently pursued eco-friendly initiatives over the past few years and enrolled in the Eco Church scheme in 2021. Their efforts have, among other things, resulted in the insulation of the church building and the innovative installation of a heavy curtain attached to the door mechanism to ward off drafts. Individuals associated with the church have shared updates on the village Facebook group, and this has kept the wider community informed of the church’s progress on its Eco Church journey.

The churchyard is a haven of biodiversity, with a bank adorned with Cowslips and other wildflowers, a bee garden, a fruit-growing patch, mini ponds, a bug hotel, and bat and bird boxes. Alongside the wildlife, school children and villagers are regular visitors to the churchyard, exploring its natural wonders and getting involved in maintaining the area in a nature-sensitive way. 

Another notable achievement includes using sheep’s wool for ceiling insulation in their institute building and adding a small glass window to the ceiling to provide a glimpse into the building’s inner workings – a captivating conversation starter!