New Eco Church survey coming Summer 2024

New survey coming soon!

Since Eco Church launched in 2016, the Eco Church survey has guided churches to work through practical ways to care for creation, with over 7,000 churches registering with the Eco Church programme and over 3,000 churches achieving an award.

Working with churches in the Eco Church community, we are refreshing the survey to help your efforts make the most impact on the climate and nature. We hope the refreshed survey will continue to support your church and its leadership in taking practical action on caring for God’s earth when there has never been more cause to do so.

We are currently working on finalising the survey questions and all the technicalities of loading the new survey into the Eco Church platform. Everyone who is registered on the Eco Church platform will receive an email notifying them when we have a launch date. 


What if our church is well on the way to applying for an award? 

That’s fantastic news. Keep going. We’re encouraged by all the churches working towards and applying for awards. 

Please note, once the new survey has been launched there will be a transition phase while we operate both surveys. If you have already started the existing survey, you have until the end of December 2024 to complete the work on it and submit it for an award. If you have not yet started a survey when we launch the new survey, only the new survey will be available to you.


What if we’ve not yet started a survey? 

Use the new survey when it comes out later in the summer. But don’t put off getting started, for now, why not:
Get inspired by what other churches are doing for the climate and nature. We guarantee that your heart will be lifted by the creative ideas that are out there. Explore our stories page for your dose of inspiration, or search #ecochurch on social media.
Get equipped. Look through the variety of practical guides we have on offer in our Eco Church resources.
If you need help navigating the Eco Church platform, see our help guide and sign-up tutorial, which helps you create an account, log in, register your church, or join a church if yours has already been registered. For a reminder of the Eco Church award process, visit our awards page.
Please note that you’ll need to join or register your church first on the Eco Church platform in order to view the survey. See our help guide and sign-up tutorial if you need support doing this. 

Why are we changing the Eco Church survey? 

Changes to the Eco Church survey aim to better reflect our concerns and hopes for the future state of our planet, ensuring that churches are being encouraged and rewarded for taking the most impactful actions. The climate and nature crises have become ever more pressing and the mandate for Christians to respond, whilst always there, has never been more urgent. Many of the main church denominations have made net zero carbon commitments that we want to help them fulfil. We’re also keen that the survey is as agile as possible and caters to the hugely diverse range of churches in England and Wales and our many partners.

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