Thank you at Christmas

Dear Friends,

We’re nearing the end of 2022, and no doubt there will be many reflections on what a tumultuous year it has been. The environment is no exception, and whilst we don’t yet know the outcomes of COP15 on biodiversity, COP27 was largely disappointing.

In the foreword to his Advent book Sleepers Wake, the Archbishop of York refers to Advent not only as a time of preparation and waiting but also as a time of discomfort; ‘the Christ child is not the …rosy-cheeked baby, the manger is not the cosy retreat [..].’ Rather it’s a time ‘to wake up, to focus on what is important, to do justice and love kindness’. Bishop Nicholas Holtam, the author of the book, writes of ‘forgiveness and thanksgiving’, the need for us to recognise and repent of how we have harmed the planet which then enables us to turn around and ‘find hope that leads to renewed life with thanksgiving’, a wonderful framing for Advent. What a great note on which to end the year!

We are thankful for the thousands of you taking action through Eco Church, as highlighted by just some of the milestones reached this year. A Rocha UK have also posted their 2022 message of thanks here.

Wishing you and your church a blessed and joy-filled Christmas,

Helen, Lissy, Sara, Lucy, Delyth and Karen